EMAK10 to take place in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2020

27 Nov 2019

The Energy Management Action Network (EMAK) under the G20 Energy Efficiency Leading Programme is organising its 10th workshop (EMAK10) in Hanoi, Vietnam in cooperation with the Vietnamese Government.

This year's theme is 'Transition of Energy Management and Energy Efficiency and Conservation' and the workshop intends to identify specific paths to promote energy efficiency and energy conservation in fast-growing Asian countries. More concretely, the event aims to share experiences on well-established energy management systems in industrial and commercial sectors, present best practices in energy efficiency and energy saving methods in Asian countries and continue to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge of Energy Management Systems in Southeast Asia. 

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EMAK was established in 2009 as a forum for discussing policy issues related to energy management and sharing the best practices of each country, region, and industry. It is based around a network of policy makers responsible for promoting energy management policies and industry stakeholders focused on real-world applications of energy management systems. Learn more.