Two issues that are relevant for energy efficiency across sectors are data and finance. Intergovernmental collaboration on these topics is essential to develop coordinated solutions and facilitate knowledge sharing. IPEEC’s cross-sectoral work focuses on:

 Improving data credibility and accessibility to support the development of accountable and
    evidence-based energy efficiency policies,
 Enhancing financing flows for energy efficiency investments; and
 Identifying best available technologies to improve energy efficiency across sectors and
    improving market awareness.

Improving Policies through Energy Efficiency Indicators (IPEEI)

                                                                                      A task group dedicated to supporting the development and implementation of energy efficiency monitoring methods in IPEEC member countries.

Energy Efficiency Finance Task Group (EEFTG)

                                                                                      EEFTG gathers policymakers, public and private financial institutions to share best practices and policies to enhance energy efficiency investments. 

Top Ten EE Best Practices and Best Available Technologies Task Group (TOP TENs)

                                                                                       A collaborative platform to enhance multilateral cooperation for identifying and sharing energy efficiency best practices (BPs) and best available technologies (BATs).