Overview of activities

IPEEC member countries work together in different sectors to accelerate the adoption of energy efficiency policies and practices. Sectoral work is led by different task groups that design and implement technical work programmes on a range of energy efficiency topics, with the input and support of international organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and private sector partners.

Appliances and equipment

IPEEC’s work in the appliances and equipment sector focuses on how government and non-government actors can:

  • Increase the market availability of efficient appliances, electric equipment and lighting;
  • Improve how devices consume energy (e.g. through smart metering);
  • Increase the information available to consumers (e.g. through standards and labelling programmes); and
  • Phase out energy-intensive equipment.

Task groups related to the Appliances and equipment sector:

Networked Devices Task Group (NDTG)

Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment initiative (SEAD)


IPEEC’s work in the building sector focuses on:

  • Facilitating the development and implementation of building energy efficiency measures and programmes; and
  • Promoting the adoption of energy management systems in commercial buildings.

Tasks groups related to the Buildings sector:

Buildings Energy Efficiency Task Group (BEET)

Energy Management Working Group (EMWG)


IPEEC’s current work in the power sector is focused on the dissemination of energy efficient technologies and best practices in thermal power generation.

Task group related to the Power sector:

High Efficiency Low Emissions Task Group (HELE)


Simple and cost-effective means for reducing energy use in the industrial sector include:

Task groups related to Industry:

Energy Management Working Group (EMWG)

Energy Management Action Network for Industrial Efficiency (EMAK)

Cross-sectoral issues

Intergovernmental collaboration on these topics is essential to develop coordinated solutions and facilitate knowledge sharing. IPEEC’s cross-sectoral work focuses on:

  • Improving data credibility and accessibility to support the development of accountable and evidence-based energy efficiency policies;
  • Enhancing financing flows for energy efficiency investments; and
  • Identifying best available technologies to improve energy efficiency across sectors and improving market awareness.

Task groups related to Cross-sectoral issues:

Energy Efficiency Finance Task Group (EEFTG)

The Top Ten Energy Efficiency Best Practices and Best Available Technologies Task Group (TOP TENs)

Improving Policies through Energy Efficiency Indicators Task Group (IPEEI)



IPEEC’s current work in the transport sector focuses on addressing untapped energy efficiency potential by helping participating countries better develop stronger policies and implementation approaches.

Task group related to the transport sector:

Transport Task Group (TTG)