Appliances and equipment

Appliances and equipment

There is significant energy efficiency potential in the appliances and equipment sector. For example, adoption of current policy best practices for product energy efficiency standards could lead to annual electricity savings in 2030 equal to the energy generated by 650 mid-sized power plans. IPEEC’s work in this sector focuses on how government and non-government actors can:

 Increase the market availability of efficient appliances, electric equipment and lighting;
 Improve how devices consume energy (e.g. through smart metering);
 Increase the information available to consumers (e.g. through standards and labelling
    programmes); and
 Phase out energy-intensive equipment.

Networked Devices Task Group (NDTG) Connected Devices Alliance (CDA)

                                                                                     NDTG and CDA is a platform for international cooperation between governments, experts and industry to develop innovative solutions to the challenge of increasing energy consumption by networked devices.

Super-Efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment initiative (SEAD)

                                                                                      A voluntary initiative among governments to promote the worldwide manufacture, purchase and use of energy efficient appliances, lighting and equipment.