Celebrating 10 years of international cooperation on energy efficiency matters

28 Nov 2019

Dear IPEEC community, 

As this year nears its end, we at IPEEC are thrilled to have been actively engaged in G20 activities in Japan and inspired by the message of action and hope that we heard during the NY Climate week in this crucial 2019.

As you are well aware, IPEEC has been celebrating 10 years of work in which we have continuously brought the message that energy efficiency is the cornerstone of the energy transition and sustainable development. Indeed, since its inception in 2009, IPEEC has been the voice for international energy efficiency collaboration and a demonstration of its value. Together we have built strong international partnerships that have advanced global progress on energy efficiency across many end-use sectors. As December nears, so does our first phase of cooperation as such, and we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to celebrate together the milestones obtained in this tenure.

Join us as we share this memorable period and in our hope for a brighter and more action-driven future on energy efficiency collaboration.

Sectoral work

Impact stories

Principles to achieve efficiency of connected devices and low-energy network standby

Addressing the high cost of assessing high-impact appliances

Accelerating policy activities for ZEBs

Facilitating information exchange within the energy management field

Energy Management Leadership Awards deliver global recognition

Securing a future for HELE technologies

Diving deep into HDV efficiency standards

Strengthening energy efficiency monitoring in Me

Demonstrating the value of ‘green’ investment

Supporting China-Japan and China-Russia bilateral co-operation on energy efficiency