Accelerating progress toward world-class vehicle emissions

20 Nov 2019

Global implementation of world-class standards is urgently needed to stabilise and reduce the health impacts of transportation emissions. This webinar will provide an update on the progress of G20 economies in adopting and implementing world-class vehicle emissions and fuel quality standards. We will discuss the results of recent studies on the health impacts of transportation emissions, projected emissions trends under currently adopted policies, and potential emissions reductions and societal benefits with further development of world-class standards.

The long lifetimes of vehicles and equipment pose a challenge to reducing the health impacts of transportation emissions, even in regions with world-class standards for new vehicles. Policy options to reduce emissions from in-use vehicles and equipment include fleet renewal programs (e.g. scrappage, retrofit, or purchase incentives), urban low emission zones, and accelerated procurement plans for public or private fleets. This webinar will also provide an update on the progress of G20 economies in developing policies to accelerate emissions reductions from the in-use fleet as a complement to world-class standards.

This Transport Task Group (TTG) webinar will take placeĀ 5 DecemberĀ 2019 at 17h00 CET

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The Transport Task Group (TTG) was established in 2015 by the G20 in order to identify and exchange best practices among G20 countries on the implementation of cost-effective energy efficiency and emission control measures in the transport sector. It provides domestic support and enhances capability for action to reduce the energy and environmental impacts of motor transport, especially heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs), for participating G20 countries. Learn more