Industry currently accounts for around 40% of global final energy consumption (IEA, 2015, p. 405). Improving energy use in in the industrial sector can improve industrial competitiveness while also supporting economic development, energy security, and greenhouse gas emissions abatement. Simple and cost-effective means for reducing energy use in the industrial sector include:

IPEEC’s work on these issues is coordinated through the Energy Management Working Group (EMWG), which encompasses the Energy Management Action Network for Industrial Efficiency (EMAK).

Energy Management Working Group (EMWG)

The Energy Management Working Group (EMWG) was launched in July 2010 to reduce global energy use in industry and commercial buildings by encouraging industrial facilities and commercial buildings to pursue continuous improvements in energy efficiency through the implementation of energy management systems, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 50001 standard.

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Energy Management Action Network for Industrial Efficiency (EMAK)

EMAK was established in 2009 as a forum for discussing policy issues related to energy management and sharing the best practices of each country, region and industry. It is based around two networks:

  • a network of policy‑makers responsible for promoting best practice policies for energy management; and
  • a network of industry stakeholders focused on real-world applications of energy management systems.

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