While the transport sector currently accounts for around 28% of total global energy use, it is estimated that this may more than double by 2040 as a result of projected increases in the number of light-duty vehicles and associated fuel consumption (IEA, 2015, pp. 402-03). Importantly, heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) only make up 11% of the global vehicle fleet, yet currently account for 46% of vehicular carbon dioxide emissions and 71% of vehicular particulate emissions (ICCT, 2014). There is therefore huge untapped energy efficiency potential in the transport sector and significant demand for stronger policies and implementation approaches.

IPEEC’s work in this sector is led by the Transport Task Group (TTG).

Transport Task Group (TTG)

The Transport Task Group (TTG) was established by the G20 in order to:

  • build domestic support and enhance capability for action to reduce the energy impact of motor transport, especially heavy‑duty vehicles (HDVs);
  • identify and exchange best practices among G20 countries on the implementation of cost‑effective energy efficiency measures in the transport sector; and
  • conduct analysis and outreach to assess the opportunities, barriers, costs and benefits of HDV energy efficiency action, and subsequently recommend a course of action for participating G20 countries.

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